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Years of experience

Vintedge has more than 10 years of experience in providing Marketing Automation services. Be it running automated campaigns for leads nurturing or sales acquisition, we have the track record for consistently exceeding the goals set by our customers.

Building a Successful Marketing Automation Solution

Most Marketing Automation solutions are designed to serve 2 purposes:

Create a highly efficient and scalable eco-system to nurture leads for sales conversion;
Build brand loyalty and
retain customers.

We recommend adopting a systematic approach that will cover the end-to-end implementation of your Marketing Automation solution.

There are 6 key stages of the whole MA Eco-System:


Big Plan

Understand how your MA solution will fit within your organization’s marketing eco-system, and clearly define its roles and purposes. It is also important to do a 12-month projection on your ROI from this implementation


User Journey

Create a well-defined User Journey will give clarity on the different engagement stages. Within each engagement stage, you can draw insights (from analytics tools) to understand the behavior of different Target Audience segments



Formulate a Content Strategy that will meet your communications objectives for each engagement stage. Create a content framework that allows you to explore different visual and copy approaches.


User Segments

Make use of different data from different sources and behavorial signals to segmentise your user lists. Your User Segments should match well with the different engagement stages of the user journey


Automation Logic

Setting up the automated program is more “technical” in nature. The precision of your automated program created is largely dependent on the available features from the MA Platform used. Here’s a list of trusted MA platforms that we partner with.



Success metrics should be well defined, it should enable you to measure performance for the different components that make up your Marketing Automation solution (for example: strategy effectiveness, automation logic, content response and conversion funnel). Insights derived from these measurements would become the basis used for your optimisation plan.

Marketing Automation Platforms That We Partner With
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How Can We Assist?

Our service models can be highly customised to fit your organisation’s needs seamlessly. Here are some of our common service components that form our end-to-end Marketing Automation Services:

Strategy Development
Project Planning
Technical Integration
Content Planning and Creation
Management of Marketing Automation Platform
Monthly Optimisation

Drop us an email and we will be happy to see how we can assist. You can consider including some of these information so we can understand your needs better:

  • Business objectives of your project.
  • Overview of how marketing automation is being used and what areas of improvements do you plan to achieve.
  • Are you currently using any Marketing Automation platform? If yes, which one?
  • Estimated number of comms messages (email, notifications, sms, etc) to be sent out each month.