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Achieving more than 200% growth in Engagement and Reach

As social media usage continues to grow globally, it is vital for an industry leader like Canon Singapore to build a strong social media presence to increase its reach, create sustainable engagement, and build customer loyalty.

Since 2013, Vintedge has been working with Canon Singapore to manage the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


Vintedge’s role in the management of Canon Singapore’s social media pages includes content creation, community management, and online and offline activation.

In order to appeal to the bulk of Canon Singapore’s audience, Vintedge focuses on creating localised content that serve to share the latest updates on Canon’s products, tips and tricks, and customers’ works.

The team is also in charge of Canon Singapore’s community management, which they use to make the brand more personable and build camaraderie within the community.

Online and offline activities are organised regularly to value-add customers, build relationships, and create awareness through the collaboration with influencers.

200% growth in engagement and a 240% growth in reach

Canon Singapore’s social media pages have seen a 200% growth in engagement and a 240% growth in reach ever since Vintedge was first appointed.

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