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Drypers Singapore


With more than 10 years of presence in Singapore, Drypers’ wide range of diapers and other baby care products are often popular choices amongst many Singaporean parents.

However, the increasing popularity of influencer marketing and word of mouth referrals led Drypers to realise that more needs to be done in order to turn customers’ positive feedback into valuable business opportunities.

In 2019, Vintedge was approached to develop a campaign to help encourage conversations and increase sharing of customers’ experiences with Drypers’ products.


Focusing efforts on encouraging parents to think about and actively articulate why they choose Drypers for their babies, Vintedge gathered real moms who advocate the brand to be Drypers ambassadors.

These ambassadors’ positive and authentic experiences were shared through a series of digital and social assets, reinforcing the message that Drypers is the right fit for babies and increasing purchasers’ confidence in Drypers.