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Honeywell Performance Partner Program (PPP) was designed to motivate Honeywell’s partners to achieve high performance through a rewards program. Before the portal was built, the target and performance were tracked and managed manually by Honeywell sales team. They received many calls from their partners to enquire about their up-to-date sales performance hence preventing the sales person to do actual sales.


> Self-service performance tracking portal
> Easy to read charts for partners to quickly know their current performance and how far off they are from their targets
> Customizable rewards calculation based on partner tiering
> Reminder (when a partner almost achieve a target) and congratulatory EDMs (when a partner achieved a target)
> Monthly status update


> Rapid growth in partners recruitment
> Transacted over $1 mil worth of performance rewards
> Reduced reliant on Honeywell to provide performance information
> Portal scalability helped Honeywell to expand their program without high development cost