Marine Port Authority of Singapore

Get access to the news releases, latest vessel information/alerts and other e-services with myMaritime@SG


MPA’s MARINET is a one stop online portal for the shipping community to interact and transact with MPA. The MARINET was previously not optimised to be accessible via mobile devices. With the rising trend in mobile internet connectivity, MPA’s long term plan is to implement a mobile MARINET (myMaritime@SG) app, and to make available all the eservices in MARINET accessible via mobile devices.

To kick off the myMaritime@SG journey, 3 new services will be introduced. They are Notification and Alert Centre (NAC), Mobile Vessel Enquiry (MoVE) and Vessel Alert Service (VAS)


Vintedge proposed IBM Mobile Foundation which provides simple, scalable, time-tested enterprise mobile middleware, deployable on premises and on Cloud. This mobile infrastructure integrates with popular development tools, connects to essential backend services and is built on top of hybrid cloud technology. Accelerate delivery of mobile apps with rich support for front-end development tools, comprehensive security, application lifecycle management and a complete, backend server-side logic engine.

The design and layout is unique, creative, intuitive and user-friendly. Vintedge think out-of-the-box when designing the app and shall refrain from traditional design to make full use of the touch screen interface.

All the information that are displayed to the user is available in MPA’s backend server database (Sybase database); Vintedge proposed, designed and developed the program and interface to retrieve the information from MPA’s backend server database

Notification and Alert Centre (NAC)
NAC manages all the notification and alert services that MPA offers to the users and provide generic application interfaces for all e-services to send notification and alert messages to the users. It also provides a centralised inbox to store all the notification and alert messages that were sent to the users.

MoVE is a suite of vessel enquiry services for the shipping community. The suite of vessel enquiry services to provided within MoVE are as follows:

a) Vessel Status In Port (VSIP)
b) Vessel Arrival/Departure Information
c) Daily Shipping State List

Vessel Alert Service (VAS)
The Vessel Alert Service (VAS) is a service that alerts a user via SMS or notification messages (iOS and Android) when one of the following defined events take place:

a) When there is an update in the estimated time of arrival of a vessel
b) When a vessel reports its arrival
c) When a vessel moved to a location in port
d) When a vessel reports its departure

Vintedge also provide Maintenance and Support Services for the mobile apps covering the day-to-day production support and corrective/preventive maintenance


The mobile app shall be designed and deployed as a hybrid app using the proposed Cross-platform Mobile App Dev Infrastructure.

It is designed and deployed on iOS and Android platforms and shall support both smartphones and tablets with different screen sizes.

The myMaritime@SG app is designed such that new and future e-services could be dynamically added without the need to re-deploy the mobile app on the respective app stores.

Other features such are
• News releases and circulars
• Report unusual or illegal activities in port waters via Feedback
• Tidal Atlas

Are added with many more e-services to come in future updates.