Social Media Management

Renault Singapore


While Renault is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and is widely popular in Europe, there was a lack of brand awareness and market share in Singapore.

In 2017, Vintedge was engaged to help Renault Singapore drive awareness and generate leads through engaging content on Facebook, its primary social media platform. 


New visual concepts and formats for static and video posts were introduced along with contests to increase audience engagement. Strategies were developed to improve branding, drive traffic to the website, and increase leads. Retargeting ads were also introduced to target users who have previously engaged with Renault’s content and are more ready to convert.


There has been a 71.4% increase in page likes and a 66% increase in reach since Vintedge started managing Renault Singapore’s Facebook page. Focus has also been diversified to include driving traffic to website and generating leads, which resulted in increased website traffic and enquiries received.