UFS Salted Egg Shiok
Salted Egg Shiok

Unilever Food Solutions Singapore

Over 2000 photo hashtag submissions and 1000 F&B sign-ups


As one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative and professional food ingredients, Unilever Food Solutions Singapore (UFS) provides high quality products and services to chefs across Singapore to create guilt-free dining experiences for the public.

At the peak of the salted egg yolk craze in Singapore, Unilever Food Solutions Singapore recognised a demand for their Knorr Salted Egg Powder, which is a highly efficient product that shortens the food preparation process and boosts food taste.

Vintedge was thus engaged to develop a campaign to fuel the demand of the Knorr Salted Egg Powder.


Building the campaign around consumers’ habit of Instagramming their food prior to consuming it, Vintedge came up with a ‘Snap-Hashtag-Win’ campaign targeted at the end consumers.

A microsite that featured an interactive food map of outlets serving salted egg dishes was created to provide consumers with new dining options. Salted egg fanatics were to use the interactive food map to locate outlets serving salted egg dishes, and share photos of their salted egg expedition on Instagram with #saltedeggshiok.

Photo submissions were displayed in a gallery on the microsite, and every submission contributed to a ‘salted-egg-meter’ displayed on the main page. To encourage participation, higher tier prizes were unlocked upon achieving an accumulated number of hashtags.


There was active participation and engagement throughout the campaign, with the microsite recording over 2000 photo hashtag submissions and over 1000 F&B outlets signing up to list their establishments on the interactive food map.

The success of this campaign also built momentum for a second Salted Egg Shiok campaign in the consecutive year.