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Are you getting your desired returns from all your investments in digital ads and campaigns, implementation of marketing platforms, and your efforts in building a digital marketing team?

The phenomenal advancements in our digital marketing landscape put you in one of these positions: Stay ahead of the competition, or face a constant struggle with understanding increasing-complex marketing technology and ever-growing data points.

We simplify the technicality of things for you through our “less equals more” approach. Instead, we focus on customising a digital framework that can efficiently scale together with your business growth. This is built through our 3 key pillars of digital marketing: strategy, content, and technology.

Digital Marketing Consulting Approach

Our team covers a broad spectrum of your digital assets and data sources, performing in-depth analysis to produce important insights in different areas such as;

  • ROI of your past digital marketing campaigns
  • Benchmarking against your competitors
  • Execution readiness to meet your business goals
  • Holistic view on your technology implementation

A successful digital marketing strategy consists of clear goal-setting and defining success metrics. We work closely with our clients to formulate strategic plans that cover 4 key components:

  • Media strategy that can reach our target audience effectively and efficiently.
  • Engagement and Content strategy that anticipate and serve the needs of your target audience at different stages of their user journey
  • Technology Implementation plans that drives toward building a marketing technology framework that supports your existing campaigns and more importantly, that is able to scale efficiently when needed
  • Review and Optimisation Framework that processes business data and key performance metrics to produce business-centric insights, and facilitates continuous learning processes optimised for performance growth

This process focuses on developing an executional plan that integrates your business operations’ tech and platforms together with marketing automation systems and CRM.

The 3 key components in the plan are:

  • System integration: Enabling the exchange of data between operational/commerce systems and marketing technology platforms
  • Data management: This process focuses a lot on 2 areas: (1) Ensuring the security and accuracy of data, (2) Preparing data attributes and creating data segments to fulfil the needs of all your digital campaign logic.
  • Platforms Configuration: This process facilitates the setup and configurations of Marketing Automation Platforms, and Data Tracking and Analytics Platforms.

Having a Growth Optimisation Framework will ensure that we know where our digital marketing efforts will drive us, what the key growth drivers are, and how that impacts our campaign growth results. Following a well-planned growth optimisation framework will enable us to consistently fine-tune our strategy and execution using a systematic and scientific approach

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