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How do you appear on your audience’s #fyp?

Beyond staying connected, social media is now the place for everything new, trending, and inspirational. But amid all these chatter online, how do you stand out?

You no longer need to be a big brand to dominate the social media sphere. A good social media strategy can help even the smallest businesses and independent creators to grow their brand and sales.  Armed with our expertise in end-to-end social media management for clients across different industries, we develop strategies tailored to your brand. Our goal is to evoke the feeling of ‘FOMO’ in your audience, and cultivate them as brand advocates.

Our suite of social media marketing solutions includes:

Content isn’t a one-solution-fits-all on social media and knowing the right kind of content to develop on the right platform, with the right post format, and for the right audiences, can be challenging. But when you nail your formula, you can earn a constant stream of attention online, which contributes to your ultimate business goal of sales.

Formulating a strategic content calendar for each of your social platform will not only help you reach more people, it will bring them through the desired stages of your marketing funnel more effectively.

Whether it is to increase brand awareness, cultivate brand engagement, or generate leads and sales, our full suite of content curation and marketing asset creation services is tailored with your business and marketing goals in mind.

As important as it is to develop good organic content, adopting a strong media buying strategy will help you further amplify your brand and content’s messages. Increase your ROI with smart media buying and audience targeting strategies that are developed specific to your content as well as campaign goals.

Successful social media marketing includes being able to retain interest and cultivate brand advocates. We see this success in the kinds of engagement you receive from your content, the hashtags, and the ‘chatter’ that surrounds your brand.

Social platforms are opportunities for your brand to build a relationship with your audience. Our approach to keep your social media platforms ‘social’ is having carefully designed community engagement SOPs for outreach, engagement, UGC generation, and influencer marketing among others.

With so many performance metrics available, how do you know what to measure? Industry benchmarks are a good entry-way to understanding how well the industry or your competitors are doing on social media, but it doesn’t accurately evaluate the performance of your brand.

There are many factors to consider when analysing social performance. The first step is defining clear social marketing KPIs. Through regular social performance analysis and reports, gain insights into performance indicators that actually matters for your brand, based on your defined KPIs.

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