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With most of our clients, Email Channels have consistently attained the highest response rate and conversion rate as compared to other channels. The fact that customers have given consent to receive marketing materials from you means that you are one step closer to your marketing goals.

Successful marketing efforts on email channels can lead to the following results:

  1. Receiving high unique open rate and click rate from recipients
  2. Consistent and ‘automatic’ growth of your customer or lead pool
  3. Increase in customer engagement and brand loyalty
  4. Consistent increase in your customers’ lifetime value

Let us take a close look at the key components that drive the success of email marketing and marketing automation:

From user acquisition to customer retention, Email has an important role to play at different stages of a customer journey. Email marketing has a more controlled environment where we can customise or personalise engagement with our customers. This provides customers with better user experience, which will leads to higher sales conversion or customer retention.

Throughout our customer journey, we develop content with different engagement purposes. Email contents are then further customised such that it can resonate well across different customers and profiles.

It is also important to establish a framework to conduct frequent content testing. This helps us to drive continuous growth in our email content response rate.

With the use of customer data and behavioural data, email content can be customised with high precision. Technical integrations are carried out to enable data from different sources (such as CRM, eCommerce platform, web analytics, social media, etc) to be processed in order to create highly-targeted user segments.

Once data are being automatically synchronised from the different sources, it will create many opportunities to configure automated programmes that engage customers with personalised content. These are some benefits you gain from automated programmes:

  • Nurturing of leads for sales conversion
  • Engaging customers for building brand loyalty and increasing customer lifetime-value
  • Re-targeting customers for repeat purchase or cross-selling
  • Automate response for customer service support

There is quite a few email marketing and marketing automation platforms in the market. Each has different characteristics/features to cater to different business models. At Vintedge, we work closely with some of the leading platform service providers such as Acoustic, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Dot Digital.

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