Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

In today’s omni-channel landscape, users sporadically move between various online and offline channels in a less predictable user journey path.

In a nutshell, multi-channel marketing is to be in where your customers are in, at the right time, with the correct amount of exposure, and serving the relevant messages.

Our goal is to create personalised experiences that attract users’ attention, resonate with their intent and successfully serve their needs.

Our services focus mainly in 4 key areas:

In order to reduce wastage and maximise ROI, your media plan should consider these factors and be designed with a holistic approach:

  • How to design a media strategy that will align with your business KPIs and within your planned budget
  • How to segment your audience and allocate budget across different media channels
  • How to optimise your reach and frequency across different media channels

Customer’s engagement intent (purpose) is different across different media channels; it is a critical task to understand this well so that your engagement strategy can provide customers with good user experience across all media touch points.

Your strategic plan for customer engagement should consist of detailed customer journey paths, content customisation plans, and performance optimisation plans.

System integration is crucial to the building of a data-driven, digital marketing eco-system. You want an eco-system that is agile and able to adapt to changes, and is also highly scalable to satisfy market demands

While the actual execution is normally complex and technical in nature, it basically aims to establish data exchange and handshakes for 3 key purposes:

  1. Data Input – How to develop or configure a unified platform that connects to multiple data sources, and provides insights to help you understand your customers’ needs holistically.
  2. Marketing Cloud – How to setup, configure, and manage your marketing automation platform. This will become the “brain” of the digital eco-system that takes control of how your customer will be segmented, when to reach out to them, and what content to serve them.
  3. Content Management – From transactional-driven eCommerce websites to informational-driven news portals and more, most brands have developed a huge depository of content. By having a well-connected content management system as part of your marketing eco-system, you will be able to customise or personalise content relevant to your customers’ needs in an efficient manner.

Customising a single-view performance-based report will enable you to stay focused on data that matter. This prevents you from getting distracted by the ever-growing data from multiple collection points. Our reports are customised to provide you with the following insights:

  • clear and transparent measurements of your business KPIs
  • effectiveness of your campaign and media strategy
  • detailed insights on how well your content is performing across different customer segments

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