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For most companies, their key source of web traffic is acquired from Search Channels. Users from search channels are highly targeted and their intent is also more predictable than most other channels. If we can customise experiences that are aligned with users’ needs and expectations, it can become a channel that generates sustainable and growing income.

For a more holistic and sustainable outcome, we take an integrated approach that includes both SEO and Paid Search in our Search Marketing services. These are 4 important pillars that support a highly effective and scalable Search Marketing programme:

Approach to Search Engine Marketing

Most established companies have developed a digital marketing eco-system that generates consistent traffic and revenue from Search Channels. The audit process will provide us with the following insights:

  • Discover the intent of different users entering our website or using our app.
  • Measure search traffic quality to better understand users’ experience, and to identify strengths and weaknesses of our websites and apps
  • Calculate the business value contributed by different digital assets

This research process presents us with opportunities to capture new market for user or revenue growth. Results from the research will help us to formulate strategic plans for short-term quick wins and long-term growth.

First and foremost, we should understand what role Search Channels play among other media channels in bringing a visitor through the whole customer journey from acquisition to nurturing, nurturing to conversion, conversion to retention, and onwards. The Search Engine Marketing plan can then be tailored for the execution of the following components:

  • Content planning and development
  • UX planning and development
  • Search appearance configuration
  • Measurement of success metrics and ROI projection

Organic Search (SEO)
We use different success metrics to measure results from our on-going SEO effort. These metrics provide us with valuable insights on page rank movement, users’ response to our search appearance and users’ experience from visiting or using our websites and apps.

With our formula for successful SEO practices, we can effectively identify and fine-tune your keyword strategy, content strategy, and technical enhancement (that lead to better user experience).

Paid Search (PPC)
Paid Search (PPC) provides us with immediate traffic through a highly controllable environment. Our goals for Paid Search optimisation are:

  • Attain consistent improvement to our cost per click (CPC). To do this, we focus a lot on bid management and content relevancy (to improve quality score and CTR).
  • Discover new opportunities leading to users and revenue growth through on-going keyword research and analysis.
  • Attain consistent growth of our returns on ad spend.

In most cases, Search is just one of the many channels that provides companies with a chance to interact with customers. The benefit from Search Engine Marketing is the capability to more accurate predict users’ needs when they click on our search ad or SERP snippets. This piece of information can then be extended to other media channels to re-target users with highly-customised content. The successful execution of this can lead to better conversion rate for higher returns on your ad spend.

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