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Every project is unique, just like yours. For that reason alone, our web development projects would always start by understanding and articulating your project’s objectives, existing pain-points and desired results. We would then propose and tailor a solution that is both results-oriented and suitable to your needs, be it in the form of a website or web application.

Our project team will provide a personalised experience, working closely with you at every stage of the project. All work is done in-house. We have always worked towards being long-term partners in our client’s business success, as evidenced with our decade-old relationships with some of our key clientele.

Here are some of our core web development expertise:

WordPress powers 40% of all websites on the internet, but it’s also highly susceptible to hacking incidents.

One of the most robust, adaptable, and license-free CMS platforms in the market, WordPress offers the world’s most extensive ecosystem of plugins, integrations and themes. With that sort of popularity and accessibility, many smaller companies or individuals attempt to build and manage their own websites using this platform. That’s also when things can go wrong: Flawed hosting configurations, badly maintained themes or plugins, or just a general lack in security awareness are all common gateways for hackers.

We understand that security breaches can be disastrous for a business. As such, we adhere to a strict development, security, and maintenance regime that will have your WordPress site not only look good, but work securely.

Over the years, we have helped dozens of businesses implement websites using various content management systems. Some are free and license-free platforms, such as WordPress and DNN. There are also those that are commercially licensed and proprietary, which contain features free platforms typically lack. These features can be;

  1. Content Personalisation
    You want your customers to receive personalised content on your website based on their surfing history, interests and demographics. This feature essentially compiles all their prior interactions with your business on the website, apps or other integrated touchpoints, and then present information that appeals to them the most.
  2. Publishing Workflow
    You have a team of content editors actively managing different sets of content on your large website. A publishing workflow will ensure that you can have people in different roles covering creating, reviewing and publishing the different sets of content. Thus, ensuring that your brand’s editorial standards are maintained.
  3. Stability
    Free and open source platforms rely on the community for upgrades and updates. As such, there are no guarantees from the platform provider in terms of security, support and performance. A commercial CMS, on the other hand, comes with updates, patches, and support as part of the subscription plan. This criteria would be a core consideration in IT governance for larger organisations.

Our extensive experience with commercial Content Management Systems (CMS) or Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), started way back in 2010 with IBM’s Websphere Portal. As implementation partners for IBM, we began building our experiences working on large websites for organisations such as IE Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic and Maritime Port Authority of Singapore.

In the recent few years, through our partnerships with other DXP market leaders such as Magnolia, Liferay and Sitefinity, we have further solidified our expertise in creating dynamic and robust solutions for our clients through the CMS/DXP platforms.

User-centered and design-focused, our experienced web developers will build your custom web applications with an eye for high availability and scalability. Our team’s expertise spanning across various technologies (ASP.NET, PHP and Java) will be at your disposal, making us an ideal partner to plan, design, build and maintain your new web initiative.

Whether you’re looking into applications that do e-Learning, e-Commerce, e-Loyalty, e-Bookings or e-Forms, we have the experience and expertise to turn your vision into a digital reality.

We are happy to learn more about your needs and how we may be able to assist you.
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